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More time spent on social media than calls – ComReg

New research shows that consumers here are using our phones less and less for phone calls and more for messaging and social media. 

The research from communications regulator ComReg also finds that almost everyone in the country now has a phone – with Samsung and Apple the most popular brands. 

Consumers are spending about a half an hour a day making regular calls, down slightly on the same survey conducted two years ago. 

People are also spending more time sending emails and chatting on social media – 46 minutes a day on average compared to 33 minutes in 2017. 

Consumers are also sending more and more messages via apps like WhatsApp, instead of old-fashioned texts. 

The average mobile phone user sends 11 and a half texts a day, while they sent almost 29 messages via apps like WhatsApp, which is up from about ten a day two years ago.

The amount of time spent on video and music streaming has more than doubled with consumers now spending more than 20 minutes on each of those each day. 

Consumers also appear to be happy with their mobile phone services, as ComReg found that just one in four have ever switched providers.

77% of people said they were happy with the network coverage they were getting.

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