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Revenue extends Pay & File deadline to 10 December

Revenue has further extended the deadline for self-assessed income tax returns made online.

The Pay and File deadline for submissions made via Revenue Online Service is now 10 December, as opposed to the previous date of 12 November.

Revenue said Capital Acquisitions Tax returns relating to gifts or inheritances received in the year to the end of August could also now be made up to the 10 December.

The move has been broadly welcomed by the accountancy industry.

“We broadly support this move by Revenue,” said Marian Ryan, consumer tax manager at 

“Any assistance at all that the can be provided to business owners throughout Ireland to allow them time to get back on their feet must be welcomed.”

Accountancy firm ACCA Ireland also welcomed the extension. 

“The impact of Covid-19 has forced practitioners throughout Ireland to adjust their workload in recent months ensuring that their clients have been able to avail of Covid-19 supports including the wage subsidy scheme, grants and loan schemes,” it said.

“The additional administration associated with this work is creating challenges for practitioners to meet the traditional tax and file deadline, therefore this is welcome news for the industry and businesses throughout Ireland.”

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